Jonathan M Davis: The Long-Winded D Guy


When adding DOM support, it became clear that it made more sense to treat the StAX parser as the only parser, since the DOM is really just a way to hold the result of the parsed data and not really a parser. So, dxml.parser.stax has been renamed to dxml.parser, which also has the benefit of reducing the length of the import path.
For dxml 0.2.0, the contents of dxml/parser/stax.d have been moved to dxml/parser/package.d, and dxml/parser/stax.d now publicly imports dxml.parser but is marked as deprecated. In dxml 0.3.0, dxml/parser/stax.d will be removed, and dxml/parser/package.d will be moved to dxml/parser.d. So, there's one release with a deprecation warning for those folks who grabbed the first release.